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Hi Danielle, I don't have Facebook, so can't post a comment there but want to tell you and Luis that you are both the absolute best! In customer service and professionalism.  My dogs are so happy and so are we.  We finally found the best Groomer.  Thank you!  Thank you!! I'll be calling to schedule another appt.  So glad we found you both!  Joan

 As a fellow groomer who has worked with Luis and Danielle in the past I happily refer clients who prefer mobile to them. Luis truly has a special touch especially with older, nervous dogs and cats. His calm nature goes such a long way. If your pet doesnt do well in the car or a typical salon setting they should be your go-to.  Mandee

our long-time groomers, Lu + Danielle, have started their own business, and we are so happy and excited for them!!! 💙 Lu is the only person we trust, comes right to our house, is so skilled and beyond kind - like BEYOND kind! I’ve never seen anyone pay attention to detail and health concerns like Lu 🐶 Danielle runs the business and is the sweetest person on earth! I could go on and on, but clearly highly recommend them 🙌🏻 plus, why leave your baby in a groomers cage all day when they can be pampered in an hour?   Erika and Ryan

A good pet groomer is hard find. An AMAZING GROOMER & PET WHISPERER is like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! Luis, with his fantastic skills, has been like thatttt kind of luck. His relationship with my fuzzy cat over the years is one I cherish. Sooo THRILLED to see Luis on his own!!! The reputation he has earned for himself is now all his own!! So deserved!!!! Here’s to great success of (Wagz and Wigglez)!!!!!!   Michelle

Luis may groom dogs, but he is also a true cat whisperer and his kitty skills are MAGICAL. PLUS, no stress on kitty because no cat carrier involved-simply open your door and hand kitty over to Luis. Stress-free 🐱 Sherri

 Fabulous service, Luis and Danielle are an amazing, hard working pair.
My dogs love Luis, he’s so loving with my grumpy girl, Ginger and my Buddy runs to the van.Thank you both!
The customer service is stellar.  Paula

 Danielle and Luis are the nicest people. Danielle is great, always courteous and trying to get you the best possible time for you and your pet. Luis arrives on time, is super friendly and polite. He love Duke and Duke loves him!! Duke's bath takes exactly the hour that is promised and he is sparkling clean. We are more than satisfied!   Joan

 my dogs are conveniently and expertly groomed by Luis who is one of the nicest persons on this planet.   Roseann


They are the best !, My dog Cinnamon just loves Luis, no other mobile service is as great !! If you haven’t tried them , I highly recommend them!!! Give your dog 🐶 or cat 🐈 a treat!! 🐾👍🤗


 Our Fancy (Shiba Inu) was in desperate need of a groom to rid her of her shedding undercoat. Danielle quickly scheduled an appointment for her groom and Luis did a fantastic job! He is so gentle and kind and Fancy loves him! I was running late and Luis was able to get her groomed in my absence - what a pleasure to come home to a clean and happy pup! Thank you so much!  Rachel

 Luis & Danielle are the best !! Luis is the kindest Groomer in Connecticut . I have been using Luis to groom my Pomeranian for years & she loves him .Please don't hesitate to use Waz & wigglez!! 10stars !!  Donna