About Us : Luis and Danielle

We wanted to let you know a little bit about us and who you are trusting with the  grooming care of your dog or cat.  We  have been together for 23 years and have always worked together in one  capacity or another.  We have developed such an amazing working relationship aside from our marriage that what one of us lacks in... the other doesn't..   We both believe in strong customer service.  We don't look at our mobile dog and cat grooming service as just a job... we have great passion for what we do.  Luis with his ability to calm  the ones that come from a bad situation and struggle to trust  humans with his soothing tone to our senior pets  that are spoiled by his gentle touch.  Luis seems to form a loving bond with all the dogs and cats that spend their spa time with him.  He is called  a "Dog and Cat Whisperer"by many of his clients... his compassion for animals having special needs is so comforting not only to the dog or cat but to their "Mommys and Daddys " too. Luis can handle any breed and size.  He takes the time to find out what your likes are and then he listens... he does his best to give you the look you want.  As we have learned  over the years that regardless of the breed everyone likes something a little different.   

Danielle brings with her the ablility to handle any situation that comes her way and will work with you to get the best appointment for your pet that fits your schedule.  Danielle had the pleasure of working as Office administrator for many years overseeing 2 Veterinary Clinics that included a pet store and a stationary grooming salon.  Danielle has also managed a large home pet sitting and mobile grooming service before venturing out on their own.  Danielle has a deep passion for animals and believes we are advocates for them.  As you can see Danielle has spent many years involved in the animal industry in one way or another and looks forward to many more years.  

We are passionate about volunteering for adoption events and have had the privilege of being part of many events including Bikers Against Animal Cruely and Homeward Bound just to name a couple.